As with all distributions in the Linux Mausoleum, this distribution is no longer under development and may have unfixed bugs or security issues. Download links (if any) are for reference or research purposes only.

The Feraga GNU/Linux project is an attempt to bring to bootable read-write media the ease of use and customizability that Knoppix brought to the Live CD. Due to popularity, development will focus on USB flash thumb drives, although we will try to cover as many other formats as we can.

Feraga GNU/Linux will be a perfect portable personal workstation for:

  • Communal Living or Dorms where multiple people share a single or few systems but still want private storage.
  • System Administrators looking for a portable rescue media that can easily be modified and kept up to date.
  • Workers that need access to the same applications and file at multiple locations but prefer not to carry a laptop back and forth.
  • People wishing to experiment with a new operating system or distribution without affecting their current installation.
  • Privacy advocates that prefer to keep their personal data with them and encrypted.
  • People working in high security environments who prefer to remove all storage media from their systems when not in use and store them in a safe.
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