As with all distributions in the Linux Mausoleum, this distribution is no longer under development and may have unfixed bugs or security issues. Download links (if any) are for reference or research purposes only.

Jinx is a minimalistic graphical operating system for use on old computers with 64MB RAM. Suitable for desktop,business,library use. Includes browser, office applications in 50MB ISO. Optimized for tiny size. Easy to use. Understandable and useful for human beings. Collaborative development.

Jinx is a full desktop operating system that runs on old computers. Thanks to its amazingly small size, it can be used to reanimate computers for use in schools, libraries and educational institutions, where it can serve as a web browsing machine, word processing tool or OPAC catalog viewer.

Thanks to the fact that the jinx operating system copies itself into RAM and runs entirely in RAM, it is incredibly fast and responsive, and does not require a hard disk to store data.

It can easily be used by institutions as an internet browsing & word processing kiosk, which will revert to its previous state after rebooting, therefore minimizing system maintanence cost and effort.


Includes a great variety of linux software in a 44MB live cd ISO, including: Opera 9 web browser with Flash plugin, Textmaker Free Edition for word processing (including great Microsoft Word DOC support), PlanMaker Free Edition spreadsheet (with Microsoft Excel XLS support), Adobe Acrobat 5 PDF viewer, Archive Manager, SCUMMVM Games Machine, Stardict Dictionary, customized ROX Filer file manager, gtksee Image Viewer, dillo minimalistic browser, tkoutline outliner, toppler game, bittorrent client, xmms audio player, mplayer video & multimedia player and the following personal servers: FTP, HTTP and WIKIserver.


Includes the basic functionality required of a computer for students: internet access and word processing in a 21 MB live CD ISO. This version includes: an older version of the Opera browser (8.5) and Textmaker Free Edition for word processing (including great Microsoft Word DOC support).

Jinx is also available as a VMWare image, which allows administators to test the operating system in a safe, virtual environment before deploying the jinx operating system on their computers.

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