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Kuliax Project is an effort to bring Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to University education,

We try to provide bridge between students, lecturers, and civitas academica with collaboration to make a better education.

Tag: Bringing Linux* to Campus Kuliax, a Desktop-Optimized GNU/Linux LiveCD distribution for education in University.

Kuliax 6.0 is based on Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable and KNOPPIX. This product is the result of deep applications survey suited to the Information Technology related curriculum/syllabus, but it is likely can be used by some others departments as well.

Kuliax is a complete Linux LiveCD distribution primarily developed for university education.

Kuliax provides most of available Free/Open Source applications and computation tools for desktop, research and development use in educational institution. It also try to give range of supports and features which available in bleeding-edge, research, experimental area such as new version of applications, utilities, kernel supports: filesystems, drivers, etc.

Kuliax system is based on Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable and various customized Knoppix & Kanotix scripts for the LiveCD.