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OpenGEU (formerly Geubuntu) is a complete and fully functional operative system based on the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu. Geubuntu, a project started and designed by the Italian artist Luca D.M. (aka TheDarkMaster), is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a Virtual Machine. Geubuntu mixes the power and simplicity of Ubuntu and parts of the Gnome Desktop with the wonder and astonishing eye-candy of EnlightenmentLinuxWiki DR17.

OpenGEU will be a new experience for any user trying to run a stand-alone E17 Desktop in the past. To know exactly what Enlightenment is, we suggest you visit the Home Page of the project. On the user side, E17 appears as an incredibly nice looking Desktop Shell, composed of a Window Manager, a full set of libraries, a Desktop and a collection of modules and applications. In this stage, Enlightenment alone is not enough to make you desktop fully functional, and it's strange that so many people are especting Enlightenment to become a full Desktop Environment like Gnome, KDE or XFCE.

That's where OpenGEU comes in. OpenGEU completes the missing parts of the E17 Desktop Shell and WM with a certain number of tools and applications from the Gnome Desktop. This is only natural, after all: it would be crazy to believe that E17 should provide a full set of applications based on ETK instead of GTK!

In OpenGEU you can find a classic Ubuntu set of applications mixed with those provided and created from and for E17. You'll experience a finally usable and productive Enlightenment 0.17 Desktop, even if you are a beginner!

Performance and advantages

Enlightenment is a light weight Desktop Shell, so your computer will run at a very high speed with incredible 2D effects, such as animations, fading, shadows and much more. E17 doesn't need a 3D card for all of its effects to run properly and Xcompmgr is provided by default in Geubuntu for you to try out every composite effect (Like real transparencies and shadows) any time you want to. If you find that Xcompmgr doesn't slow down your computer too much, you can even run it as a startup application in Enlightenment. What's incredible about E17 and Xcompmgr is that since they don't need a 3D video card to run perfectly, you will be able to have an astonishing level of eye-candy even on a relatively old computer and even on a Virtual Machine! Ubuntu alone could never provide such beaty without Compiz and a fully working 3D video card.

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