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SAM Linux 2009
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SAM Linux Desktop is a self-booting live CD containing a complete and modern desktop OS. You don´t have to install it on your harddisk to try it (but if you wish - you can), it runs completely from your cd drive and your RAM. SAM comes with the latest Xfce4.4 desktop, support for more than 20 languages out of the box, Beryl/Xgl, and contains a complete home desktop with Office, Internet, Games, Multimedia, Graphics, System, Security/Rescue-Software and nice additions like Wine, Flash 9 and Java as well as Realplayer. Now it is possible to boot from a USB stick using the CD as start medium, and the export of the "home" folder to an USB flash device is back on the LiveCD.

To run SAM you need at least 128mb of RAM and a 300mhz CPU. Lesser is possible (down to 64mb RAM with a existing Swap partition), but not recommended.

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