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Icon-none Snøfrix
2004? (edit)
Version: 2005-6-19 (edit)
Release Date: June 19, 2005 (edit)
Next Release: unknown (edit)
Platform(s): x86 (edit)
Packaging: DEBLinuxWiki (edit)
Interface(s): KDELinuxWiki (edit)
Derivative of: Knoppix (edit)
Home Page: (edit)

Snøfrix is a demonstration CD for everyone who wants to try Free Software on Linux, with an emphasis on education, entertainment, and multimedia. Ideally, it should contain all the programs needed for daily computer use, in an appealing and easy-to-use format. The main characteristic of Snøfrix is a large selection of games, including FreeCiv, Frozen Bubble, and Tux Racer. Snøfrix includes standard office software, with Kontact/KMail for mail and for word processing, and standard internet software, with Firefox for web browsing and Gaim for Instant Messaging. The project provides localised CD images with support for several European languages.