What this wiki is about

The Linux Mausoleum is a wiki dedicated to the memory of Linux distributions. Articles about distributions that are no longer maintained are moved here from the Linux Wiki to ease the maintenance burden of going through all the pages on the site to update version info, websites, screenshots, etc... It also removes the large number of "Warning! Do not use this distro!" messages that were appearing on the wiki and could give users a bad impression.

What this wiki is not about

This wiki is not:

  • About the death of Linux. Linux is very much alive
  • A criticism of Linux on the desktop, or a monument to its failings. Many distros have been successful on the desktop for decades; this is a tribute to those that couldn't make the journey
  • A way to get out of doing work. Although it will make things easier in the long run, it requires more work to migrate pages here than to leave them in place on the Linux Wiki. This is more about making the Linux Wiki a more vibrant and alive place
  • An attack on the creators of these distros. We laud everyone who attempts to create their own Linux distribution. Some people simply lose the time to work on them. Some get jobs working on better known distros. And sadly, some, like their creations, have simply ceased to exist.
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