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U-Lite formerly known as Ubuntulite. It is intended for users of legacy systems, not just to make a small linux distro (as this has been done before.

So to this end the Operating system needs to be:

  • Easily used by people with minimal computer skills,
  • Usable on old or resurrected computers, and
  • Able to satisfy a typical user's requirement of applications and functionality.

These are the three core aims of the Ubuntulite project.

While this is still subject to some change, Ubuntulite will come with: Openbox, ROX-Filer, fbpannel, menu, Kazehakase, Sylpheed, Gaim, XMMS, Abiword, GNUmeric, and mtpaint.

Ubuntulite should run well on a Pentium (75 MHz), equivalent or better, with 32 MB or more RAM.

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